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February 09, 2014



Chat room Log                                05/05/1986



[19:43:02] MicelliTony: Oh Man am I glad I found this room.  I'm losing my mind over here with my boss’s 65 year old mother.  Makin me wanna file a harassment suit

[19:43:14] MrLynnBelvedere: Welcome to our chat group Mr. Tony.  I think I speak for everyone when I say that patience and reasoning is always the best solution.

[19:43:28] Nell_in_Cali: Speak for yourself belvedere.  Hi Tony.  My boss is the Chief of Police.  I would say that maybe he could help but I’m sure he’s a bigger pain in the butt then your host’s mother

[19:43:56] Benson: Try Working for the Governor Nellie. 7 Years! Though I am hittin it with the SOB’s secretary.

[19:44:03] Rosie [Moderator]: Benson please contribute in an appropriate manner. This is a public chat room.

[19:44:16] EdnasEdibles: Honestly Benson.

[19:44:35] QueenFlorence: Child come on.

[19:44:14] EdnasEdibles: What?

[19:44:29] QueenFlorence: Mrs. Garrett - that last guy you worked for ate lunch at Tavern on the Green. 

[19:44:47] EdnasEdibles: I regret nothing of my time with Mr. Drummond. 

[19:45:15] Nell_in_Cali: The man was a snob.  You said it yourself.

[19:45:29] EdnasEdibles: Regardless.  My priorities now lie with the girls at Eastland. 

[19:45:54] Benson:  Post a pic of her Tony.  What does your host do anyway?

[19:46:08] MicelliTony: Advertising big shot.  Hang on.  [monaj67h.jpg transfer complete.]

[19:46:36] Benson: Whoa!  She looks like the Governor’s cousin Jessica.

[19:46:48] MrLynnBelvedere: Well I work for a one dimensional buffoon.  I am forced to imagine him as an infant so that I can make concessions for his behavior. 

[19:47:16] MicelliTony:  Buffoon?

[19:47:20] Benson: He's from England Tony.

[19:47:39] MrLynnBelvedere: I’ll have you know I was at the service of her highness Queen Elizabeth II.

[19:47:52] QueenFlorence: Child, you have us know every time you’re on here.  You live in Pittsburgh Belvedere.  Accept it.

[19:48:04] MrLynnBelvedere:  Not to mention Winston Churchill.

[19:48:34] QueenFlorence:  So what’s up with your boss’s mother Tony? Can’t be worse than the shrimp who barks orders at me all day.

[19:48:43] MicelliTony:  Well her relentless sexual appetite is my problem.

[19:48:51] Benson:  Holla. Get on that T.

[19:49:01] Rosie [Moderator]: I warned you Benson.

[User: Benson has been flagged]

[19:49:06] MicelliTony:  Who is this Rosie person.

[19:49:13] Nell_in_Cali:  She’s an automatic program. A robot really.

[19:49:26] MicelliTony:  And now my daughter’s pissed at me cause I bought her the wrong bra.  What do I know about these things anyway.

[19:50:15] EdnasEdibles:  Hey T.   The kid I took care of in ny lost both his parents and was kidnapped within the same 2 year time period. So do me a favor, do a downward dog and count your blessings.  You’ll be fine.

[19:50:30] MrLynnBelvedere:  And you’re not in Pittsburgh for heavens sake.  I can’t take much more. Every day feels more and more like some flimsy situational comedy.  Someone rescue me from this American nightmare. 

[19:50:35] MrLynnBelvedere has signed off.

[19:50:42] QueenFlorence: Y’all are crazy.  I’m out.

[19:50:44] QueenFlorence has signed off.

[19:50:49] Nell_in_Cali: ltr

[19:50:55] Nell_in_Cali has signed off.

[19:58:14] Schneider:  Anyone know where I can get a cheap safety valve for a Rheem hot water boiler?

[19:58:21] Rosie [Moderator]:  Wrong room Schneider

[19:58:29] Benson: Putz