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June 15, 2015

Know someone who loves cooking then our guide to awesome gifts for them is something you must read.

We all know when it comes to someone’s birthday you should buy them something they will love, something they’ll use and of course something that will put a smile on their face.Now if you’ve got a friend who is a keen cook then look no further as we’ve compiled the best gifts for those who love nothing more than spending time in the kitchen!

1. Buy vouchers for their favourite food haunt!
If they love to cook the chances are they love food, so why not find out (without asking them ideally) what their favourite restaurant is and buy them a gift card/vouchers for it. This way they’ll be able to go out and celebrate with the food they are guaranteed to love!


Custom gifts for the one who loves to cook!

2. Something for the kitchen with their name on
Nowadays you can get loads of different gifts personalized with names and messages, so how about you get them a personalised chopping board , it’ll not only be useful but it’ll be great to see their own name on it and many you can add a birthday message to it as well.

3. A cooking course
Now you may think that this may offend them, it probably will if you choose a course for beginners and they aren’t a beginner however if you choose a unique and unusual course they’ll love it. Think tapas, Thai, Chinese or some other cuisine you know they’d love to learn how to cook.

4. A supply of their favourite food
Yes as simple as buying them a regular delivery of their favourite food, whether it’s a beef jerky subscription, gift card for a cake shop near them or something else you can get shipped to them on a monthly basis.


5. Kitchen Gadgets
If they love cooking then they’ll be spending time in the kitchen so why not buy them a special gadget for the kitchen, anything from a new utensil to a new machine such as the fun breakfast sandwich maker as shown above.

6. A new cookbook
Yes the internet is now available at your finger tips and websites list thousands of recipes however there is nothing quite like a big chunky cook book for them to sit down and flick through. You’ll be surprised just how much they will love it!