Clinton’s Rape & Penetration Theory as a Prescription for Peace in Kosovo

In the Spring of 1999 Bill Clinton spearheads the North Atlantic Treaty’s war against Serbia and Montenegro; Clinton says “hey NATO, all systems Go-Go…Let‘s shake rattle and role!

Perhaps it’s the amazingly large size of Bill Clinton’s masculine male ego in and of itself coupled with his inability to control his own sexual appetites leading him to launch a NATO led war against Serbia, a sovereign state, penetrating it with all NATO’s might repeatedly?

NATO pounded the hell out of Serbia in 1999, a state the size of Rhode Island to which Clinton merely says, “hey Serbia let’s 69!”

Perhaps it‘s Bill Clinton’s primary preoccupation with his own insecurities and sexuality driving him to strip, then repeatedly rape the sovereign state of, Serbia and Montengro, removing their economic nationalized state possessions coercing them into privatization them like a mean ass mafia boss exploiting female prostitution pimping them in a whore house selling sex.

Bill Clinton just says “ hey Serbia, which sex position do you want to try next”?

Perhaps it is Bill Clinton’s insensitivity to crimes against women that caused him and Tony Blair such insensitivity to the NATO bombing a newborn baby unit in Belgrade in 1999. Clinton says “hey. It’s not a crime-what a good time!”

Jill Starr calls this crap attitude of Clinton & Blair regarding the aforementioned incident she has on video from that time, to which she reponds, “Hey Bill Clinton you just commmited A NATO WAR CRIME!”

But since I have you on my, “line,” I call you like a Poker Bluff and await your forthcoming line, MY DIME!