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April 28, 2016

What started in college basketball locker rooms now belongs to the world.

What you’re about to see is probably the best thing to come out of college basketball locker rooms (besides players) since … um … sweaty socks? OK, so maybe it’s not competing with that much actually, but big ups to Jared Nickens of the Maryland Terrapins for starting the internet’s latest dance craze, the #RunningManChallenge.

Apologies in advance for getting Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo” stuck in your head for the next hundred years.

Oh yeahh!!! wassup wit it ? @jaybriddle_1 add my snap: jnickkk

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We some clowns yo for real!!!! We tough though #myboochallenge #runningmanchallenge

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@jnickens_ @jaybriddle_1 I means it's no thang outchea we wit the movement!!!

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It’s spread to professional and non-basketball sports:

It’s spread to hip-hop and vine stars:

#RunningManChallenge @chancetherapper

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And also to ????:

Great job, men, keep it up!

Had to bring Bridsss (@jaybriddle_1) back to life. @damontedodd35 that's a lot of

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h/t Deadspin