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August 13, 2010

A boys night out and the cast beginning work leads to some great lines.

The Situation

"It goes back to the day when, you know, you thought the tooth fairy, was, alive"

(To Vinny, after Vinny got off the phone with Emilio) "How's that feel, to pick up the phone and be like ' yeah you're girlfriend was cuddling with me last night.  yeah, uh-huh, yeah, she's sleepin', with me."

"I finally put some water on my face, and I'm like we got GRENADES man!"

"And I'm lookin' at Pauly and I'm like, do you know we're in midst of grenades right now?  Do you know we're at the Zoo?"

"He was like hypnotized, one of the hyenas hypnotized him and he didn't see the up-close what was goin' on"

Pauly D

"Unfortunately, your fun conflicts with our fun"

"I might bust out the red joints (shoes) that's how you know it's gonna be a good night"

"It's MVP night son"

(About the fake boob) "It looked like a chicken cutlet"


Vinny to Snooki: "You look hot! I've never said that to you, but you actually took my breathe away..."

Snooki: "You try'na smush right now?"

"I can't see any ice creams"

"I can't see any customers, because I'm a fuckin' smurf"


"When we get there [to work] our boss Enzo makes me put on a shirt that suffocates my girls, it was like, comon, let the girls breathe"


"Whatever job is given to me, I'll go and make the best of it, and I'll skill it.  Plus it's scoopin ice cream, chicks love ice cream."

"If someone can cut a black person's hair, they can usually cut my hair"

(After JWoWW has one of her Boob-tastic shirts on) "Jenni you forgot your shirt!"

"Albert Einstein should come back, and re-write his laws of physics, and work it around Jenni's tits"

(To Snooki) "Come lay down, I won't touch you" "I need the companionship"
    Snooki: Like a dog?"
    Vinny: "Yeah, Just stay with me, we're good."  (a minute passes)
    Snooki: "Wanna Fuck?"
    Vinny: "Sure."

"Did I bang Snooki last night?  Did I do the un-thinkable?"

"It just so happens that our initials are MVP, Mike Vinny Pauly, and we are the most Valuable Players in MIA, supporting a GFF"

"Even though the club is full with, the Bronx Zoo.."

"Mike and Pauly would take home a stray dog if there were no girls left"


"The next thing you know, I look over, and Ron's fuckin' face-wasted"


"The whole time she was going 'Na-na na na..ma ma ma' FUCK THAT!"

"Look what I found, I got 786-985 hahah..That's..That's what I got...She was fine."

"TOMA TOMA TOMA VEN AQUI VEN AQUI TOMA!"  this is spanish, which translates to "Take it, Take it, Take it, come here, come here, TAKE IT!"

(To Sammi) "Can I smoosh you, please?"


(After clearly smacking Pauly D a couple times) "I didn't smack him!"

    "That wasn't me! I didn't do anything about it"
    "I didn't smack you at all, I'm standing here by myself"