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May 16, 2009


When Mark Cuban told Lydia Moore that her son, the Nuggets' Kenyon Martin, was a "thug" after Game 3 of the Nuggets-Mavs series, he crossed a line. I thought I'd point out the Top 10 Things he MEANT TO SAY to Ms. Moore:


10) "I know he's not a thug. No real thug would ever get sponsorship from K-Mart."

9) "I meant to say, 'Your son's a cool dude,' not, 'Your son included.' Had some margaritas during the game. Slurred my words."

8) "THUG is an acronym. It stands for Totally Hip Underestimated Gamer."

7) "I want Kenyon to be in my new show, 'Thuggin' It,' about a group of NBA players cleaning up run-down neighborhoods."

6) "I was trying to reward you! Every thug-mama received a free chalupa that night."

5) "Last I checked, you're not a thug unless you mock our national anthem, reference slavery, and get caught multiple times with grass (no, I'm not talking about you, Josh Howard)."

4) "Why are you looking at me like that? Seriously. Stop it."

3) "Look, thugness is a good thing. If Nowitzki had your son's thugness, he'd be unstoppable. Like a German ghetto man-child."

2) "As long as Kenyon's not friends with TI or Vick, I take it back."

1) "Your son may be a thug, but he's nothing compared to 'Melo." 


There's clearly no shortage of thugs in the NBA. Just look at Artest. The only way the Rockets are going to beat the Lakers is if Ron Artest literally KILLS Kobe Bryant. That's the only way. Lakers take Game 7 in a blowout.

The Nuggets are going to lose to the Lakers in 7. The Lakers will then lose to the Cavaliers in 6. Those are my NBA Playoff predictions, feel free to hold me to 'em.