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September 05, 2017

Or, how Donald Trump turned Dreams into Nightmares

This week President Trump declared an end to DACA, leaving many at risk of immediate deportation because they were brought to the states as children.

Maybe he should have stayed on vacation.

1) Which we know thanks to immigrants

2) Every immigrant should be given rich white parents at Ellis Island

3) Err Turk Ehr Jehrbs

4) Math lesson

5) Paging Jim Acosta

6) It’s only illegal if you don’t own the law

7) I hope this is a graduation photo

8) *Breathes into emergency immigrant hyperventilation bag*

9) “It stands for Donald Ain’t Campaigning Again. That’s why we’re ending it.”

10) Big picture thinking

11) Disorder at the border

12) Let me use your phone though

13) “Google search: what are white people afraid of”

14) Trump In A Lifetime