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Published September 15, 2011
The mind works in mysterious ways, especially when it’s ticking away in a subconscious state. Why we dream what we dream about is as unfathomable as Sarah Palin’s take on reality. But instead of psychoanalyzing the reduced state of consciousness, let’s just watch a bunch of videos of cute things talking in their sleep.Click the images to watch the videosIs this an actual puppy, or a one of those squeaky toy puppies?So you didn’t get the lead part in Kujo, but at least you have the audition tape for the memories.Baby Jack can hit the high notes of Wuthering Heights, but he’s having a few issues humming the beats from last night.Jesus man! Let a girl dream about humping a leg once in a while.Who says cats hate humans? This one is brushing up on his sympathy sneeze technique as we speak! Cheer up girl, you’re not getting neutered til next week."Urgh my head! What happened last night?"Bizkit might not be talking, but this one’s a classic. Mind that wall!This list of little snoozers was compiled by