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November 20, 2013

How president Obama called every woman in America a slut.

How Obama Called All Women Sluts

By King Christopher


There was a lot of focus in president Obama's second term campaign on “free birth control for all women”. They pushed it on every female from young teens to adults. Campaign ads showing how a professional, smart, working woman still can't afford contraceptives. But why was it all about women?


What was Obama actually saying about women by making birth control free of charge?


Promiscuous: Here you go ladies, you are all so slutty that if we don't give you free birth control, then you're going to keep screwing like rabbits and the country will soon be over run by pregnant women and babies.


Irresponsible: Women are cheap! So we need to make birth control free, otherwise you women won't use it at all.


Stupid: Obama must think that without him, women aren't smart enough to know what to do or how to handle birth control on their own.



The reason this plan was sexist toward women is because Obama didn't bother to include men.There was no talk about eliminating the cost of condoms, for example. The whole thing basically implied that women are the ones who are irresponsible and sex-crazed so much that the government needed to get involved by making contraceptives free of cost, so that all these slutty women will hopefully use it!