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March 29, 2016

Sure their are physical traits leftover from our animal ancestors, but did you know there are many behavioral traits that display evidence of evolution?

Vox recently released a video displaying evidence of evolution you can see right on your own body. From goosebumps to wiggling your ears, the video showed many physical traits that are leftover from our animal ancestors. But did you know there are many of behavioral traits that display evidence of evolution? In fact, a great deal of our disappointing behavior is essentially the fault of the animals that preceded us! Check the list below to see if you exhibit any behaviors you can blame on animals!

Do you hit your computer in frustration when the internet’s being slow?

Even though logically it makes no sense, it might not be such a dumb thing to do. It’s certainly smart when animals express anger physically in order to protect themselves and their young. So the next time someone says, “relax, you’re gonna break my laptop,” you just tell them that what you’re doing is an evolutionary advantage.

Do you talk shit about someone when they leave the room?

You’re not being rude or passive aggressive, you’re just trying to move up in the pack order!

Do you often like someone just because they show an interest in you?

Your therapist might say it’s low self esteem, but he’s wrong. It’s evolution! In the animal kingdom, females often need protection from a loyal male. If a male expresses interest, it is in the female’s best interest to just go with it. It’s a means to survival. So, take that Dr. Lang.

Do you sometimes not wash your hands after going to the bathroom?

Animals don’t use soap, so why should you?

Do your parents complain that you don’t have a “real job?”

Name me one animal ancestor with a real job. Service dog doesn’t count, I said animal ancestor.

Have you ever eaten until you were sick?

Well, the next time someone calls you gross and out of control for doing so, you’ve got a comeback. It’s natural selection. When presented with food, wild animals will eat past the point of comfort because they don’t know when they’ll see food again.

Do people sometimes describe you as “too loud?”

Loudness is a sign of dominance in animals, or something.

Have you peed in someone’s shoes because they wronged you?

A dog marks his territory with urine instead of fighting everyone that enters his territory, so why is it so weird if you pee in someones shoes because they called you “too loud?”