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September 11, 2014

If you die and go to hell, you’ll look back on your earthly life now in great regret. NOW is the time to change things before it is too late! NOW is the time to tell your family and others to REPENT. Looking back on your week, how many precious opportunities slipped through your fingers to witness about salvation or at least hand out salvation literature? Our days are dark and desperate. Many people are without hope and many others have a false hope. People need ETERNAL TRUTH. They need God’s word. You are to be LIGHT in your area! Friend of Jesus Christ and desperate to introduce him to others.

Stand Out! Stand Up!

Gen. James Green

T HESE TWO THINGS resonate within TRUE Biblical Christianity. If they are not in your life, my life, then we do not possess True Biblical Christianity.

The colossal need, and I do mean COLOSSAL NEED!, in this hour, in this generation, in God’s people, is to STAND OUT! and STAND UP! for Jesus. It is time (past time!!) to be that light on the lamp stand, that spiritual city (Zion) on a hill…for all the world to see(Mat. 5:14, 15). It is time to be that“salt of the earth” (v. 13)…that prevents corruption, not produces it (such as today’s church who has long ago LOST its saltiness).

Have you ever pondered the meanings of Jesus’ Words in Mat. 5:13-15? Our captain in this great WAR for souls never commanded us to SHOW OFF our stuff…to huff and puff…to put on good religious shows for the pagan, nor for ourselves. But SITTING DOWN, becoming lukewarm/pukewarm (see Rev. 3:16), resisting/quenching the Holy Spirit—the very Holy Spirit that is given for resisting the world, the flesh, and the devil/demons, the church is POWERLESS, full of SIN/SINS and will be THROWN OUT (Mt. 5:13, NIV) by God.

Take note of what I write rebels! You will be THROWN OUT! and TRAMPLED by MEN!; i.e. those who have become pukewarm, together with their religious imaginations of their “grandeurs worth.” What did Jesus mean“to be thrown out and trampled by men”(v. 13). The very ungodly society/societies will destroy them (see Dt. 28:13, 43, 48 and Judges 2:20-22).


SO, “SALT” is valuable to give flavor and to preserve from corruption; “light” is valuable to squelch darkness…the TRUE Christian is to be both salt and light in this corrupt, dark world.

One thing is for sure: if a believer decides to go beyond “Churchianity,” he or she will STAND OUT…they will STAND UP for Christ.


AS ANCIENT ISRAEL DID, time and time again, so has today’s church: THEY EVADE THE CALL. “Christian" entertainment has taken the place of studying the Scriptures and living the life. Nevertheless, the call of God goes out by the faithful few: REPENT and be SAVED (for the unsaved); LIVE the life for the saved, plus “Go ye out into all the world and make disciples” (Mk. 16:15). GO TO WORK!!

Furthermore, today’s “disciples” are DUMBER than yesterday’s…they are Biblically illiterate to say the least; yet the Holy Bible is our WAR manual. Not only this, but we find within its pages different types of writings (literary forms), such as: poetry, didactic fiction (many parables), apocalyptic, polemic, epic, legislation; letters; oratory; emotional/sensational outbursts, history, and militancy. Yet, all too many find the Bible boring, even hateful. We also find strict do’s and don'ts coupled with subtle humor.

Facts that scare us, foes that hate us—all within that Holy book. Some liberal “scholars” call the Bible“solemn nonsense.”

But still, we are called upon to“study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15). And we are also called upon to pass along the Words of Christ and the apostles to others (faithful), who shall be able to teach others also(see 2 Tim. 2:2).

So, to “stand out” and “stand up” for Jesus not only involves our personal relationship with Christ, but also to be a witness to the lost world.

To “stand out” and “stand up” for Jesus, one MUST “earnestly contend for the faith”(Jude 3), and give soldiers the means by which to defend it against all false theologies(see Acts 20:31; Gal. 1:9; 1 time. 4:1; 6:3, 4; Ti. 1:9).

To be a “good soldier of Christ” (2 Tim. 2:3), we’re to “fight the good fight of faith”(1 Tim. 6:12). This will certainly make one “stand out” among the panty-waisted sissies called “Christians” today.

In order to be“all you can be!” in Christ, it means complete loyalty to Christ and His Word—i.e., knowing, being, and doing.

Repent or Perish!

THIS IS THE URGENT message right NOW, not tomorrow or some other day, but right now…TODAY. Men’s sins have mounted up to Heaven. God is calling for a Repentance Revolution. Men are LOST in SIN, therefore, they must be warned: “REPENT OR BE PUNISHED.”

Such a revolution is needed to bring about the desired freedom from demonic bondage that men are bound. Because God IS LOVE, He desires to free men even though many, most, may not desire it. On the other hand, many are crying out to be delivered from the bondage of sin…many in religion also. They are prisoners of the religious systems of men that extract $$ and time from them, yet leave them hurting and unfulfilled.

Our prayers unto God will move God to ACT. He delights in a people who will intercede on the behalf of the lost, those in religious prison houses (religious whorehouses, as I call them, which are here in America), those who have no other God but themselves. Poor souls.

Bygone Days

WHAT CHRISTIANS DID in bygone days will not suffice us today—we, you, and I, MUST pray to God day and night for a MOVE of God, a Holy MOVE of God. We NEED a Holy Revolution against the world, the flesh, and the devil and his demons —against our selfishness, our pride, our rebellion. We must cry out against all the injustices; against all the violence, against all the sexual perversions.

Consider those of bygones days (all the way back to the early church): the early-Christian revolution of faith rested on the certainty that each individual, all of society, yea, the whole atmosphere surrounding the earth, would be, could be, freed from the dominion of evil.

Why have we lost this vision? The expectation of Jesus’ coming should be, MUST BE, our ACTIVE READINESS! This means that we STOP commanding and demanding God to do something “special” for us (like we find in Church la-la land today).

In These Days

IN THESE DAYS of defiant rebellion against God/Jesus/His people, and His Word, the anti-Christ spirit is in hostile pursuit of everything good, holy, and pure, we need to STAND OUT and STAND UP for Jesus more than ever. Don’t back away—GO FORWARD…to Hell with those who hate God’s rule. We are called to fight on behalf of Christ. We’re called to fling ourselves against the angry waves of adversity…against the insanity of HUMANITY…LIFTING UP THE“BANNER OF LOVE” to those who are being drowned in the sea of iniquity, under the boots of the anti-christs who are determined to RID Christianity from the earth. We can only pity those who are infused with loveless WRATH! They are losers.

For all this, we MUST BE READY. We must stop asking God to send a “revival,” unless we are ready to be dealt with inwardly, and ready to go for the souls that are lost.REMEMBER, IT IS HEARTS TO GOD, AND HANDS TO WORK, STAND OUT AND STAND UP FOR JESUS!