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November 28, 2008


Hey I got an Idea, how about someone writes a new christmas charol . Not that I am complaining, but as I drove to the theater to watch 4 christmases as our family thanksgiving day  activitie.(used to be football) I realized that the little drummer boy has been covered by at least six-hundred and sixty six artists.How great is that? Its freaking great, especially if you are driving for more than an hour, then you can hear- Elton Johns Christmas, Celine Deon's Christmas, Wayne Newton's Christmas, Willie Nelson's Christmas, Kobain's x-maz, Iggy Pop's ice show, Dolly's country christmas, Elmo's christmas, Chipmunk christmas, Ray Charleses hapining christmas, Gene Autrys western christmas, Nat King Cole's chestnut christmas, Natalie Coles's chestnut christmas with Nat King Cole, Elvis's Hunk of Burning Love Christmas, Bon Jovi's Hair Christmas, Van Halen's christmas, and Sammy Hagars real Christmas, Rolling Stones  heroin christmas, Primus's big brown christmas, Bruce Sprienstiens gargle christmas, Steve Earl's protested Christmas, Gratefull Dead's We are Budists christmas, and Witney Houston's fuck I'm high christmas. Did I leave anyone out?  Make up thefunniest album you can think of below with any other comment you may have. God Bless you all and may you drive your hearts out this shopping season to Tony Bennets moon over the manger.