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Published February 07, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published February 07, 2009
George Washington CarverDID NOT INVENT PEANUT BUTTER!!!!So this morning i'm watching the Noggin Network with my 9month old Park-Park and during the commercial break they have a little "black history month factoid" about George Washington Carver.The entirety of the 30 second spot is about how he invented Peanut Butter.WRONGIt's a simple wiki click away to find out the Kellogg holds the us patent on "nut butter paste"So i wrote them an e-mail stating that G.W.C. invented over 100 uses for peanuts and was integral to the revitalization of black southern farmers once he discovered that the peanut plant is light on soil nutrient usage whilst being easy to maintain. And that a simple fact check could have prevented such a mistake,Further more that pairing down G.W.C's many accomplishments to simply "he done made peanut butter" not only trivializes the man who worked so hard to better poor black families, but also dumbs our children the understanding of black history.I migt have been a little harsh on them.