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August 28, 2008


Well,I ain't no weatherman.But,I heard from CNN Tropical Storm Gustav is heading in the waters,ain't bothering to pass by CUBA or Florida cause the high pressure system is pushing it toward the gulf of Mexico and straight to new orleans.Freaky enough I've been having those weirdo dreams I've had three weeks before Hurricane Katrina.I'm dreaming about places that ain't no more.Like canal villere,which became Robert's but pronounced row bears.That's new orleans for ya.Anyway,my old childhood neighborhood got totally wiped out cause it was close to when the 17th street canal leeve broke.I saw my old house when i lived from 1978 to 1996 underwater on the cover of a NOVA special DVD about Hurricane katrina.I'm gonna be writing more on my Katrina book.Today,I already got in touch with my friends who went back there.More to come.