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March 23, 2009


This week, I have worked harder than E-V-E-R in rehearsal. Kym and I feel great going into tonight and hope with this performance we can turn things around. In the words of Shakespeare..."I shall shine brite! " WE have a kick ass routine. Kym really out did herself choreographing it, and we tried to address the judges comments last week that they felt I didn't dance enough. We shall see. Next, we have the Lyndey Hop and Kym and I will def take you HIGHER !!! FYI: I struck a dance pose when I got out of the car the other day for my 13 month old baby daughter LULU. When I came home that night she stuck her leg up in the air just like me laughing......SOOOOOOOOCUTE!!!!! Alright, I can't let that kid down...gotta go and stretch! VOTEFORMEEEEEEEEE !!!