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Published January 10, 2013


Top Tent Cruise Lines, which has become widely known for its popular singles-only pleasure cruises, made an unexpected port-of-call in Amsterdam Wednesday after it was discovered there weren’t sufficient condoms on board.

The large, ocean-going vessel had departed from the [Plymouth] United Kingdom and was well underway when the ship’s existing short supply of rubbers was discovered.

“We were sailing without necessities,” mainly condoms and jelly lubricants, said Jenna Long, a representative of the cruise line.

Once docked in Amsterdam, many of the ships 2,500 passengers disembarked for a brief shore excursion while condoms were loaded in bulk for the voyage.

After the ship’s supplies of condoms was replenished and the ship was ready to resume its voyage, a significant number of male passengers–all between the ages of 21 and 45-failed to return to the ship.

“Safety is No. 1 for us at Top Tent,” said Tommy Ivy, the cruise line’s chief executive officer. A few males, who staggered back to the ship prior to departure, were reported to be lethargic and non-responsive, making the rushed resupply of condoms largely a wasted trip.

Still, some men were looking forward to the adventure ahead. “Condoms are nasty son!,” said Bubba Grant, who chose to stay in his stateroom during the stop over in Amsterdam.


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