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April 30, 2011

Pho ( Vietnamese beef soup ) has invaded the world. To attract your attention, they have come up with some pretty weird-ass names to attract your business. Pho Real.

Pho is some tasty beef noodle extravaganza. The collision of basil, anise, tendon, tripe, beef, etc. is pure gold. No wonder it has taken over Earth to eclipse wonton as the safe Asian soup option, even for grandma in Chattanooga. But to get the attention of distracted drivers, pho restaurants have gone out of their way to get your attention with some of the most bizarre restaurant names. Here are some real ones in Los Angeles :

Absolutely Pho-bulous ( gay pho shop )
Pho Sho (.....hip hop pho )
Un-Pho-Gettable ( nostalgic pho )
9021-Pho ( Beverly Hills pho )

Here are my suggestions :

Pho Real ( more hip hop pho )
Pho Get About It ( Jersey Shore pho )
Pho Eyes ( Optometrist and pho )

 And the ones with the random numbers....Pho 79...Pho 87.....Pho 23....Sounds like Asian crews or gangs...." Hey, where ya from ! "...." Pho 79, foo ".