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June 11, 2009


Chrysler is closing some three thousand dealerships around the  country. I have been seeing news storys and enterviews with the self proclaimed victoms of this closure. So owning a dodge truck for the last ten years I decided to write this letter as a clarifier of my position on these closures and specificly the Dodge dealership that sold me my truck.

Dear Dodge dealership.
    Hi, remember me? I'm the guy you've been overcharging and fucking over for the last ten years.
I can't tell you how impressed I am that the new direction that Chrysler is taking doesn't include you.
Remember the time my wheel-bearing went out six months out of warranty, and you told me it was going to cost three thousand dollars to fix, and then I took my truck to my freinds garage and after parts and labor it cost me almost two hundred dollars. Yes I never forgot that. In fact I wrote Chrysler in Detroit that very week and hopefully enfluenced their decision to shit can your sorry asses.

Now many people say, "I feel sorry for the employees of these companys." Oh I get it, like the guy in your parts department that sold me that Dodge Durango fuel pump and told me that its the same as the one that is in my truck, you know it isn't the same,its not, you stupid sonofabitch. I'm glad he's loosing his job.
I sencerely hope that my many letters of complaint to the Chrysler Corperation had some small part of their restructuring program and with all of my heart I hope it ruined your life. I am sure that no matter what Path Fiat/Chrysler take, as long as you are not on it, it will be a far better place than the place I have had to do buisness with. Every time I drive by your empty lot, I will smile inside. Well, I hope to buy a new Ford next year at least someone has their shit together.