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December 17, 2008


  • As if Burger King hasn't creeped us out enough with their king mascot, they now have created a cologne. The Flame, which was almost named I am King, before Sean John AKA Diddy, created his cologne, smells of meat and secret sauce. So fellas, when you can't have it your way, just spritz a little of this on and watch the ladies go crazy for your Whopper.

    * Aretha Franklin is going to perform at President-elect Barack Obama's Inauguration January 20th.

    Sources close to the singer say, "Her play list is expected to go like this, Respect will be a dedication for any and all repressed black folk. Who's Zoomin' Who? is a dedication to former president Bill Clinton. She will belt out Freeway of Love to former U.S. Senator Larry Craig and his Hershey Highway loving self. And Chain Of Fools is closing the show, saying good riddance to the outgoing administration."