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July 23, 2015

After 20 years of waiting and surviving many dark emotional journies, Pluto finally responded to my letters with some revealing photos.

If you’ve been paying attention at all lately, you’d know that Pluto has been all the rage after NASA released photos of the dwarf planet. So, naturally I did what any good millennial would do after some big news—check Twitter for reactions! And, boy was I surprised by what I found. It appears that seeing is believing because now everyone on Twitter wants to ditch our collective home, Earth, for my beloved dethroned planet.

This upset me. Not because I want these people to stay on Earth, but I wanted to go first! Years ago, way before Twitter, smartphones, LTE and Pluto photos; I was a second grader learning about our real solar system (nine planets). I got along well with others, but I couldn’t shake the overwhelming fear that I wasn’t meant to be here. That all changed when my teacher pulled down an illustration of space over the map of the world she taught us about last week. There she was, Pluto. An outsider, just like me.

Pluto wasn’t like the other planets. Not just because she was the smallest and furthest from the Sun. She also orbited the Sun in a giant oval on an entirely different axis. “Finally,” I thought, “Something that gets me.” We were the same in every way, emotionally. I am not alone, and I’m sure there are others out there, just like me, that felt the same. Other people that would also wish every night before bed that Pluto’s teacher could pull down my class photo over the map of the Earth, and she’d see me. Wish that Pluto, would also feel great comfort in knowing I was out there too, battling the same wars and wearing the same scars.

Wishing was never enough. There’s no such thing as a wish read receipt (Hey, Apple! Get on that!). I needed to know Pluto knew about me. I needed to know Pluto. All so that, one day, we could live together, free of “cool” kids like Derrick. Maybe Pluto would be my first kiss. I smiled at the thought. I would daydream about it constantly, and would instantly get stuck in the deepest of depressions. I loved Pluto, but how do I get to her? If there are no bike paths to the moon, then there’s not one to Pluto.

Following one of the worst nights of crying, I somehow found the courage to go to school. I’m glad I did because that’s the day I learned about NASA and their involvement in space exploration. I even heard about other countries attempts to make a cool NASA just like us. I almost missed all this wonderful news (I had been sleeping in class). But something, somewhere, in the universe woke me up. Was it God? I don’t know. I’m just universally thankful for everything between and around us for possibly playing a part.

Immediately I wrote letters to our NASA and the other countries NASAs too. Asking for them to deliver a note I had written Pluto. I never got a response. It’s been almost 20 years since writing those letters. I’ll admit, I got discouraged. Patience has never really been a strong suit of mine. Found what I thought was relief through drugs and drinking. Truly been to Hell and back. Then, who would have guessed? Last week, our cool NASA not only delivered my message, but Pluto responded. The savvy and sexy millennial planet (she’s a real planet in my book!) had NASA send back some photos! Pluto finally gave me happy tears.

I love her, and now I know she loves me too. People like NASA and Elon Musk are making my dreams of living with her more realistic. My life’s purpose might actually happen! The only unfortunate thing is that, because she doesn’t know my name, NASA was told to deliver the photos to everyone on Earth. I love that people finally understand her beauty, smarts, and elegance. However, I kind of wish we never received the photos so she could remain all mine.