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July 31, 2014

Katy Perry released it as her newest single for the album PRISM today.

Even though Katy Perry fans had previously purchased all her albums, they were only aware of the songs: “I Kissed a Girl”, “Hot n Cold”, “California Gurls”, “Teenage Dream”, “Firework”, “E.T.”, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)”, “The One That Got Away”, “Roar”, “Unconditionally”, “Dark Horse”, and “Birthday”.

Now, they are aware of a new song called “This Is How We Do” shown below in a music video form since it was released as a single earlier today.

They have listened to Katy Perry’s album PRISM constantly since it was released. Yet, somehow Katy Perry fans never ever heard it even though it is in the track listing shown below.

Katy Perry tracklisting.JPG

Now that Katy Perry fans have heard this song, they will continue wonder what other hidden gems are on PRISM and previous albums.