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Steven Jay ( Pauly Shore ) is a very good and very rich out there kind of Documentarian, that will fund for his friend Chris Alexander ( James Van Der Beek ) his the local Mail Man in West Hollywood and his living in a lonely planet you dig. So Steve gets him a Russian mail-order Bride yah see ! But in exchange for the right to film the experience infinity for a LiVE 24\7 web show on their own web page Chaching big money baby ! . An so Barbara Roxlov ( Aksana ) a sexy ladies from Moscow Russia is a fitness model with dream of being an actor in LA is all for the LA lifestyle after meeting these guys online they get her tickets and now she is here in LA on a 24\7 web show with her new hubby she doesn’t really know name Chris an their just living the dream life for now but you know how it be G. A real stoner good times kind of wacky deal lee o just for fun. Rated R.


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