FEB. 22, 2012


Alaskan residents are upset about a stone statue resembling a vagina that has been placed in front of a high school in Sarah Palin’s hometown.

Palin herself, however, is not bothered, because that is the closest she’ll ever get to being on Mount Rushmore.


To accommodate an excessive number of people on Ash Wednesday, a church in Ohio offered a special drive-thru blessing service for those who couldn’t afford the time to come inside.

Lazy people wondered why church couldn’t be a drive-thru ALL THE TIME.


A man who lives in a remote mountain village in Nepal just recently learned he might be the world’s shortest man, meaning soon he might be using the world’s most misguided pick-up line.


Bill O’Reilly made an appearance on “The Tonight Show” were he said that he thinks Americans need to cut Newt Gingrich some slack for things he’s said or done in the past.

“I’ve been trying to cut him some slacks for years,” said Newt Gingrich’s tailor.


This week in Michigan Donald Trump told voters that he thinks Rick Santorum is a “career politician” who doesn’t know how to create jobs.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is a guy who fires people from fake jobs.