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Published: May 03, 2011
Description: Can you tell me what time it is Mr. Flav?

You’ve seen the simulation of the attack on Bin Laden’s compound. The US military totally ripped off Black Ops Tour of Duty.

Get this,
a flurry of small studies suggest that sex is as good for your health as vitamin D and broccoli. It not only relieves stress, improves sleep and burns calories, it can also reduce pain, ease depression, strengthen blood vessels, boost the immune system and lower the risk of prostate and breast cancer. But, masturbation only increases hand-penis coordination. You do the math.

Former Governor. “Hot” Rod Blagojevich will take the stand today. His testimony should be fucking golden.

Flavor Flav was arrested in Las Vegas. But not for what you might think. He stole a very expensive german-made clock. But he was easily spotted because he wore it as a necklace.

Rick Springfield was also arrested. Looks like he’s not taking not getting Jessie’s girl so well.

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