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June 06, 2016

An exclusive look at where the Obamas will live after the White House!

After President Obama leaves the White House, he and his family will be moving into a 9 bedroom home in a wealthy D.C. neighborhood. Take a look at the stunning features of this exclusive residence!

1. Spacious Kitchen With Kitchen Island

01 KITCHEN.jpg

This wide kitchen features a kitchen island with an oven and sink topped with grey marble.

2. Living Room With Kitchen Island


This sizable living room with a kitchen island is perfect for relaxing in and prepping family dinners.

3. Master Bedroom With Kitchen Island


With hardwood floors, a walk-in closet, and a kitchen island, all they would need is a stove and this master bedroom would make a great spot for preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Top of the Landing With Kitchen Island


Whether you’re on your way up or down the stairs of this two-story home, you can stop off and make a few sandwiches.

5. Guest Bedroom


We know Michelle’s mom will be staying with them, and we bet she’d love this bedroom with it’s own adjacent office.

6. Veranda With Kitchen Island

06 VERANDA.jpg

Whether it’s a hot summer night or a cool spring weekend, we bet you’ll find the president enjoying some fresh air and reading favorite book at the kitchen island on the veranda.

7. Two-Car Garage With Kitchen Island

07 GARAGE.jpg

With Sasha turning 16 soon, we wonder who in the family is going to keep their car in the garage next to the kitchen island!

8. Fire Pit With Kitchen Island

08 FIREPIT.jpg

The expansive home is in a neighborhood with many other D.C. notables, and if the Obamas are having any of them over, the night is sure to end up here!