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Published: June 27, 2012
Description: A rant about how I always go against my better judgement.

So we have a new Del Taco opening, off Santa Monica and Sepulveda, and the fine establishment decided to give away the food while training their new hires. The buzz goes around the office and I find myself in line of scavengers, two heads behind the dude who shits on the sidewalk every morning


(I call him Dook Sidewalker, but not to his face because that's rude... and I'm afraid he might take it seriously and throw his shit at me in Jedi fashion).

I got my free taco and burrito. FREE FOOD!

Ab3ecda66d24483837c15c9f1485d2eb_large I have to say, my stomach just started talking like an old English gentleman in disagreement, "Hub bub bub bub", and if I could speak bowel I think it would translate to, "Was it worth it?"

Note to self: stay off sidewalk tomorrow. 


Tags: Free taco food