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Published November 17, 2012

Motion People Of Pictures and Film

This exists to ensure enjoyable work and lesiure atmosphere for activities involving pursuing picturesque forthcomings. Enclosed are real drinks for actors,

1. You're just fucking around, if all falls to shit it's not like your film isn't comparable to people just lolling with a camera fucking making porno videos. Does it really matter? Is it the money? the Picture? the man? the words? what is my main man to secondary sam or teritarty terry?

2. Such craft is often difficult on all parties involved in putting together an arts and crafts scenario, double trouble, but a hot man needs a bath, perchance liquor. An iced, chilled, or however preferable beverage of any sort, should be provided in dear heat.

3. It takes time to get shit done, don't worry if you fuck up, film is probably  digital as fuck by now, you would be more productive to smoke a blunt and think about why the game fucked up his line or why the match left nigh stutter,  a scratch or fleck nay a flinch upon the face of stubburn stubbly bub. Perhaps think it through, many ways does rain water flow through the wilderness, she may not always seem the fastest, but take ease,as rains come and go,  a river flows.

4. Personal preference is for the comfortability of actors, in acts such as a play, a one time shoot or run through, so long as repeated takes of scenes of heavy drinking are subsuquent for an actors routiene, a man has rights to imbibe whichever water should whim his wise eyes on a whiff of a mans spliff.

5. People love Bono because his name Bono, comes from the word Bono for bonus, in spanish. Ideas such as a Pro-Bono practice, also serve to exhibit where he took his name from. This gives many the idea that this man does things as such, Pro-Bono, which is questionable. Charity is a virtue, if you wish to succeede, you must do so in another mans eye, he must know what you mean, you must succede, secede and reseed, bear with life only the weight that you need.

6.  Acting is entertaining, i don't get to fuck you though. How much is a hooker? Compare that to your services, convince me i should be entertained by you for some significant allownace of hooker money, rather than play the field, in, mid and out, in the hustle and bustle.

7. Go out there, have a good time. Give it a good hustle, serious the fuck up, life isn't getting high and getting your dick sucked. You have to play to win. Not only that, but you must play well. May dick sucking become of all of you  more than it shall bestrew upon the streets. People on the streets. Dee da di da day- people on the streets. dee da day do deh da dee da daihhhhhh.Damn kid, thats some killer walk up music, fight for the fatherland, mate, for the motherland.

8. Smoke breaks once an hour, or if permitted, indoors, fuck you faggots, just because you feed your kids pesticides and fertilizer means i can't smoke my pesticides and fertlizer indoors now. Way to fuck up. If you say it kills people, nobody wants you alive anyways. Your man smokes cigars everyday in the den because he's trying to die.

9. 420 is gauranteed somebody to have a blunt. Traditional rules apply. 500 is happy hour. permit yourself good travel. Eye keen deals, or perhaps, find a good company supply keg, and be strapped to work, patience my friend, is also a virtue, just as idle hands are the devils workshop, a dawdling fool is but a horse with no reigns, a tool with no handyman. My solution, as a horse breaker, such reigns and tools will do.

10. Food and shelter. People live out on the streets sometimes, need a place to crash, have to hide from wifey, kids, bitch, problems. Shit happens, try to look out for somebody, life hurts sometimes, when rocky got hurt i think he went in a freezer to ice his wounds, while still fighting. This essentially gave him solid ice knuckles. Ingenuity is practicality.

-Life is the duckets, make it, break it, stake it, bake  it, cake it, rake it, or lake it, peoples got to live, you get paid for doing work. Do work son.

I List myself as a member of this, were i to heed to charitable leisures of filmmaking, or any romp or rabble of people, would lend hands to stagery or such foolishness.
- Motion People Of Pictures and Film

-Because putting your name on a paper, means something. Just write your name on a peice of paper. Is validation enough for the MPPF.

Allegeney Haze Bartlebury Santos Dinocho Felix Grave
-Orphilloso Negraldo General Salto Maltada Servesadadero

 fuck the R.I.A.A.