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February 01, 2009


All I like to do is to entertain and bring smiles to peoples faces. Whether it be playing music or tellin jokes I just want to be able to help people forget about their problems for a little bit and help them focus on being happy for that moment. Call me selfish if I say that it helps me to, I feel better about things when I get to see someones face go from being an expression of discontent or maybe even flat out depresseion to a smile or even a geuine laugh from watching the chubby mexican on stage say goofy shit and make a fool of himself.

Plus, how could you not like tellin jokes? Its so fun makin people laugh! I can't help but wanna try and do this a little more and try to get as much time behind that mic as people. If  to just keep the creative juices flowing. I haven't felt the level of creativity I've felt lately for a long time and I don't want t to stop any time soon.

Stay Tuned....