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April 15, 2008


Well, I'm about 5 days into my new job at Harley Davidson, and I can safely say that I already have an enemy co-worker. Her M.O. is scarily similiar to a previous co-worker of mine, which I find both irritating and haunting. It seems I pique women in their 50's, wearing far too much make-up, with nothing more to live for in their lives but their job. Oh, and their names are always Carol, Carolyn, or somewhere in that family. It started when I claimed a sale. I had made the sale, I want the commission, damn it! Well, at any rate, I'm left at a crossroads. What I would love to do is just take advantage of the already strained relationship and do everything in my power to piss her off, without it being too obvious to the higher-ups (and which shouldn't be too hard, seeing as apparently just doing my job fulfills that task). I figure anyone who's irritated at me deserves to have a reason to feel that way. Or there's the oldie but goody of just blocking her from my mind, thus existence. Just literally pretending she doesn't exist. While this makes me happy and amused, it could get a little interesting seeing as I work with this woman alot. So I've decided to cut a trail, one leading right between these two options. Every chance I get, which should be numerous, I will purposely piss her off, for funsies. Any other time, I will just pretend she is not there. If I am approached by a superiour regarding my actions, I will simply explain to them that it's either this, or I speak what's really on my mind, which would be detrimental, for sure, to whatever kind of team structure they're attempting to establish. I am not the only one who feels this way about said woman, and soon "Operation Carolynching" will be well under way. Mwahahaha!! =)