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July 08, 2008


Fat Ass walks continues to be a dream defured, the perfect person to be in it will not be in it. So I have to find a new fat kid to rap down Van Nuys boulevard. The Sketches are going good i've written two new ones, one is a short dealing with piniatas, the other has to do with a vetranary convention and a disgrunteled tourtise ginocologist. The script is steadly being added too, i'm about to hit the second act (which is good cause the movie has 3 acts). I think I might be filming a couple sketches soon so I can get some stuff out there, also i've been writing stand up material got two bits so far. One is on old cartoons the other on Billy Mays the Oxi Clean Branny ass mother fucker. I'm also working on designs for T shirts which I am going to be submitting to Threadless.com my awesome T shirt place. So a lot is planned this summer and I hope to get some sketches out soon, and hope you'll like them.

-Senior Piggles