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February 12, 2010


Who Needs an Air Ambulance?

If you thought that private jets were solely for rich people who refuse to fall in the long line of airport securities and want to enjoy a plane

by themselves, you are wrong. Private jets are now becoming more and more popular in providing medical air transport services. Known as an air

ambulance, a private jet is now recognized as the fastest and safest mode of transportation for people who need immediate medical attention.

Before, an air ambulance was only popular in the military for transporting wounded soldiers who were in the midst of a war-torn area where land

transportation was impossible. These days though, it is also extremely beneficial for patients who are critically ill and need to be air-lifted

to be transferred to a new hospital to receive a more specialized treatment.

air medical

Using this kind of service is also perfect for newborns who need to be brought to another care facility. Infants are very delicate and they

need to be closely monitored constantly. Imagine if your child is in distress and is attached to wires and tubes, you would want to take him to

the right hospital as fast as you could, right? But aside from conventional ambulances being slow, they also expose the patients to harmful

elements that may cause new infections especially among babies. When using medical air transport services, you are assured that your baby is

safer and would get to the new hospital the fastest possible time without catching any new infection on the way. Besides, a flying ambulance is

staffed with trained medical personnel who can monitor your child in every step. It is basically being in a hospital above the ground.

Other patients that could benefit from this kind of air transport are cardiac trauma and surgery patients, organ transplant patients, those with

brain and spinal cord trauma, and those who are dependent on ventilators and other assistant devices. The cost may be quite high, but what is more important than life?

Are Medical Air Transport Services Truly Safe?

You may have heard about medical air transport services. These services are a great way to save and prolong people’s lives by transporting them

to the appropriate hospital where they would be given the specialized care and treatment they need. The mode of transportation is by private

jets which do not only provide the patients fast and efficient travel time but also safety and security. They say that traveling by air is the

safest, but an air ambulance is even a lot safer because it is capable of giving the same amount of care to the patient that he or she is

receiving from a ground hospital.

Firstly, an air ambulance is manned by professionals who can give what the patient needs. Depending on the patient’s case, a medical staff is

assembled to make sure that he or she is in proper custody while still being lifted to a new medical facility. This way, the patient’s family

could be assured that in case of any emergency or other unexpected occurrences, their loved ones would be cared for by people who are trained

and licensed to do the job. Simply put, being in a flying ambulance does not lessen the amount of care that the patient is getting from the

hospital on the ground. In fact, he or she may even be getting more attention and closer monitoring while on the flight.

Medical air transport services use jets that are equipped with cardiac monitoring and treatment devices, ventilators, and other specialized

equipment needed for emergency. You don’t have to worry that your loved one may suddenly need a piece of equipment for life support and would

not get it just because he is not in the hospital.

When the jet ambulance lands and the patient needs to be transported by ground to get to the new facility, the medical staff stays with him

until he is properly turned over to the hospital staff. This way, the patient’s safety is 100 percent guarded.