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March 22, 2011

US involvement in Libya with a twist!

When asked about the US involvement in Libya, the Obama administration quickly stated that they were NOT there to remove Kadafi!  

When pressed on the question it was found that the Administration was working with ABC and Sears for a new project for that wacky team from EHM for a pilot called Extreme Regime Makeover! 

The pilot includes new appliances, a big screen TV, a "I hate America" themed bedroom and about 200 tomahawk cruise missiles to add that extra "new home smell" for Mr. Kadafi.  They're bringing in everyone including the rebels who received like-new WW2 jeeps and "only dropped once" French guns!  

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been tapped to be on-hand for the "move that bus" scene when they reveal the rubble of the newly made over Kadafi compound!  Kadafi was quoted as saying " I'm glad they aren't coming after me, for a minute there I was getting worried!".