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April 27, 2009


“ I love you and you love me! We are a happy family… “And so on, this song was more played than “Dust in the wind”, is more known than “Livin La Vida Loca” of Ricky Martin, it’s author has status of superstar, of course that I am talking about Barney the purple dinosaur, but not everything are flowers and hugs in Barney’s life, he had a tough childhood, he lost his parents in a volcanic eruption when was three years old, was raised by his grandma. Always spoiled, people say that he inherited his happy way of being from his grandma. But Barney’s biggest suffering was in school, he was the only one purple dinosaur. He was daily humiliated, people call him “Purple Bitch”,” bunch of grapes”, the others dinosaurs used to make fun of him, even the herbivores used to laugh of our purple friend. But Barney was good in one thing… In hugging… He loved group activities, was an absolute benchwarmer in the soccer team, but when his team scored a goal he used to hug his teamates and even the opponents, and got punched for that, of friends and of opponents too. Since child, ops, I wanted to mean cub, Barney went to dance and singing class, showing a natural gift for that. Barney was getting old and getting interested more and more for theater, for acting, but the rejection knocked his door once again… tried additions for Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park 1, some say that even for Godzilla, but he always got the same answer “You’re purple”. Our friend sank into a dark world, a world like the one lived by Leonardo Di Caprio in “The Basketball Diaries”, Barney became addicted to purple blackberries and yellow mushrooms, both strong psychotropics and easy to get vicious. He reached the bottom of the well, even did a soft porn movie called “Anal Deep Purple Vol.1” But a big change was about to happen when Barney was junkie asking people for money, he met his old theater teacher, who gave him shelter and sent him for the AAD rehab (Addicted Anonymous Dinosaurs), there he recovered himself, and saw a lot of different people like him, between then another purple guy, with some sort of monitor in the stomach, antenna on the head, and baby voice… One day when he was returning from AAD, Barney stopped by on a square to see the children playing, he loved that, but he noticed a mess, the biggest kids was giving orders to the others, and when he saw a poor kid been pushed to the ground and crying, suddenly Barney, as an instinct, he raised the kid and hugged him… Everybody around was static, it was beautiful, the kid stopped crying when felt the heat and Barney’s voice, then Barney started to organize the children plays, and Barney did it for several weeks, and one day one of the kids father, a business executive from the TV saw Barney and bet on him… Barney became a success, sold millions CDs, was translated for 200 languages, even for Latin, his products generate millions of dollars per year, his show leads the show business for almost a decade. Yeah, he did it, but he needed some help, like us all need, that’s why you don’t have to hesitate in asking your friends for help, They Love You and You Love Them… * Remember before to criticize someone who is “purple”, someday he can became a “Barney”.