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September 16, 2008


                                         JOSE’ DIAZ


Contact: Jose’ Diaz                                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Tel. 361/575-4154

Email: joseexist@legasyssongs.com


                                CD RELEASE OF:


                  “THORACIC SPARK”


        “THORACIC SPARK”, the latest release from the tornado-fingered-Texan,


JOSE DIAZ is soon To Debut on Cdbaby.Com. This time around fans can expect


even more of Mr. Diaz’s’ blazing guitar work as well as more complex song


structures. As his previous release, “CAUTION, DREAMS IN PROGRESS”,


showed us an emerging evolution in his songwriting, “THORACIC SPARK” sees


that evolution catching another gear. 13 all new tracks churn out a wide range of


new sounds and burning emotions. This album promises to please with the dynamics


of lyrics and sounds balanced on the very edge of control and abandon. You’ll find


simple yet powerful anthems, rebellious loneliness, mind wrenching introspection,


and as usual, thundering guitars.


       Mr. Diaz’s affiliation with A.O.G. MEDIA continues along smoothly with more


of the COMPILATION series due out soon. Independent music knows no bounds


and A.O.G. MEDIA is no exception. Look for tracks from “THORACIC SPARK”


to be on future COMPILATIONS as well as other “exclusives” recorded for



                                                             # # #


    For more information Jose’ Diaz can be found on the World Wide Web at: