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October 28, 2015

5 Samuel Adams Beer varieties that didn't quite make the cut.

Jim Koch is a brilliant man. As the founder of Samuel Adams Beer (eventually named Boston Beer Company), he pioneered the craft beer explosion we live in today. Because of his company's mainstream success, it seems his once loyal beer enthusiast have turned their back on him. These trying times have the Boston Beer Company doing all they can to stay on top of their game. Here are a few that didn't quite make the final cut.

1) Samuel Adams Hasidic Blend
sam adams hasidic blend The Hasidic community is growing rapidly without any signs of stopping. The Boston Beer Company wanted to capture this new audience, but unfortunately couldn't find a Rabbi willing to bless the brew without going over-budget.

2) Samuel Adams Big Black Chocolate Stout
sam adams bbc stout Samuel Adams is finally trying to bring some diversity to the label. Unfortunately, Jim Koch doesn't know what BBC really stands for, nor does he have any clue how to market towards black male demographic.

3) Samuel Adams Irish Red Ale
sam adams ira This fun and great tasting Ale is plagued by another naming oversight. Has since been renamed to simply "Irish Red".

4) Sam Adams Basic Bitch
sam adams basic bitch With their core audience flocking to micro brews, options are running out. Capturing the basic bitch crowd is an opportunity still left on the table.

5) Samuel Adams Cerveza
sam adams cerveza All test subjects seemed too enjoy the mild flavor but found the label design "way too Mexican".

Rejected Samuel Adams Beers article originally posted on Author's website, Possibly Funny.