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March 08, 2010


Imagine I'm standing up

So there's a guy standing at the edge of a cliff looking over the side thinking about jumping, and the clown says what's the dog for and the dog says I'm a clown and the man looks up from the bottom of the cliff and the clown's pissing on his face

I love going to the movies, I like going to bad movies in the first week to sit up close and scream phrases from 300 at Gerard Butler the whole way, to kind of remind the crowd he did make a good movie once  
If I was an actor I'd like to star in a bio pic about myself so it would really get my name out there, plus I'm perfect for the role. everyone says I look like me

My dream job is to fuck hot chicks all day and have them feed me money by the handful, but when I wake up  I think the eating money part wouldn't really go so well
but sex with hot chicks that's a real job! and so is butt sex with hot chicks, but I digress.That's amazing to me, that porn star is an occupation, I'm surprised that high school guidance counselor's aren't getting questions about this career choice all the time, but as a porn star you're just fuck'in and fuck'in and fuck'in and what are you supposed to do on your day off? in your down time as it were? maybe watch season 1 of lost or build a model airplane what the fuck do you do? you just came out of a four day coked up fuck haze what now? I suggest a beer and Sanford and Son and maybe get yourself tested.

I hope I didn't steal any jokes as far as I know I didn't, Thanks for reading this and thank you for your time.