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February 12, 2011

Two churches have at each other over one of the oldest theological questions posed by an animated film.

In 1989, United Artists released a film that posed one of the oldest theological conundrums known to man - Do all dogs go to heaven?

Burt Reynold's mighty moustache and Dom Deluise's forty foot intestinal tract attempted to placate children with a saccharine story that completely missed the point and pretty much revelled in dog death, a rarity in animated films, at least outside of Brazil. It also involves a mob hit being executed on a dog... The gnarliest film concept since "Ghost dad".

Many have pondered whether or not our canine companions have a soul bestowed upon them, with different outcomes reached. If a dog has a soul, does a cat? Does an embryo? Does an Irish person?

And if they did have a soul, does that grant them immediate access to Heaven, or are they destined to languish in purgatory with all of the unbaptised babies?

Although we are no closer to unlocking this mystery's chastity belt and sipping from it's furry chalice of yeasty wisdom, two churches, one Presbyterian and one Catholic, situated across the road from each other have decided to use a very public forum to debate this age old question.

The opening salvo:


The rather officious retort:


And so the battle is declared:








For the record, what is my personal opinion on whether dog's go to Heaven? Well, Dog spelt backwards is GOD... And that's too big of a cowinkydink for me to dismiss.
What a muffinload of dogwank...

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