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Additional Credits:

#25. Go on Youtube and Look up the band Franklin for Short. You will thank me later big dogs.

24.  Get super baked out and have a Ed Wood movie marathon. Most of his movie are up on youtube for free so have it buds. 

23.Watch the Dr. Jekll and Mr Hyde movie ( The one from 1920) to the Led Zeppelin record Physical Graffiti. 

22. Get super highed up on the weed and then have some sex with some one who is also really high. "Like yeah there will be good vibes all around yo" 

21. Go camping and stay ripped the whole time because it's so much fun. 

20. You have got to watch the 1981 movie called Caveman when high because it's so f*cking cheese it funny as hell. 

#19. Go on a high ride and pop in the iron chic - Slip N' Shit CD. Now that is some pop punk for you right there kids. Sidenote: "An since am talking pop punk /ska  music here check out a band called The Chinkees. An a band called Mustard Plug. you will thank me you punk mother f*ckers all good bands for some high ride music for sure dudes. 

18.  Make some weed pancakes and mix the pancake mix with the weed in it with whiskey and eat some The Herb-Whiskey flapjacks when watching adult swim at night. ( i do it all the time.) Sidenote: don't add magic mushrooms to mix "just trust me on that one." stick to the Hemp Whisky pancakes baby! Because that is the good stuff. 

17. Smoke a fat jay when taking a big old sh*t ! 

16. Right before you go to sleep when your really really tried, hit the bong so you can have some nice dreams. Your dream will be really vivid. 

#15. When your really sh*tty ass drunk make sure you smoke some weed because it will make you feel better because it will stop the spins and weed will also kill your hangover. But yeah anyways when you have a weed buzz kicking it's a good time to start drinking. 

14. Go see a movie in 3D when you be high. 

13. For all you pro baseball stars and want to be pro baseball players out there a. Play baseball when high on the weed because it will slow down the game for you and you will not over think things out there dudes. Pothead = All-Star

12. Hey if your high it's a real good time to start making that cartoon you always want to make. 

11. 4:20 is Slurpee time! 

10. So if your really f*cking p*ssed off at your loved one get high before talking with them about what ever BS that has went down. So you will keep your cool. Now go for walk with them. 

9.  Read The Bible at 4:20 time. 

8. Look at the stars at night when your super baked out of your mind. 

7.  Watch some old tapes of Mitch Hedberg doing stand up and then watch his movie he made and stars in called Los Enchiladas and here is the link  ( ) and also his adult swim cartoon Saddle Rash link right here( )

#6. So if you have a boring job go to work high. Everyone needs a little fun i life.

#5. get some hookers get super highed up and body paint them for fun in some back alley. No sex just nude body painting. Hey it's fun for you and it will make the hookers feel better about life. So it's a win win. 

4. Pull out the old VHS and bust out the old The Ren and Stempy Show tapes because you be highed up today. 

#3. Get stoned to the bone an watch you some Katy Couric like i do 5 days a week. 

#2. Go to a show and see some bands for real man. Get out of the house, or at least go see some stand up or somthing for the love of God go out  Already! 

#1. Stay high and do your Meditation all day long. Because it's good for your mind body spirt and soul just like the herb is so all mix the two things together forever. ONE LOVE. 

Bouns Round: Watch all the Martix movies all in one night or do that with the  Cheech and Chong movies, Sk8 or hit the waves bros, write some songs or some books, go hit on sexy people, mall rate it up time, kevin smith movies, bust out the good old record play, troll funny or die, pray away, Star wars vs Star trak debate with your pot head friends time" Am more of a star gate man myself", Watch the old flash movies and t.v show, comic book time, play with your self, check your self for cancer, pump up the jams man, Get on nexflicks and watch my name is Earl, "Look bro and babes just do what ever the f*ck you want just don't end up in jail over um k big cats. Much love big sexy" 

Da Bullfrogness