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Published: October 23, 2008
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3) "born in the usa" (ronald reagan) -- everyone knows about the epic missuse of this song in the reagan campaign... yet, the man still went on to be victorious. 

2) "barracuda" (sarah palin) -- actually anything with an animal in the title is ironic, right?  unless, maybe "i hunt... barracuda", and so forth.

1) "stand" (fdr) -- talk about irony... hell, for that matter, i didn't know r.e.m. had been around that long.  i guess that means that michael stipe actually looks better than i thought.  who knew?


3 is all the time i have for this morning.  would to have loved to tell you about michael dukakis and the unfortunate use of his campaign song: "i touch myself"... but, that will just have to wait until another time.


this guy,



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