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January 04, 2017

Washi paper is a special type of paper, firstly introduced by Japanese, this is produced from the bark of special trees name, Gampi tree

Washi paper.jpg

What is Washi paper?

Washi paper is a special type of paper, firstly introduced by Japanese, this is produced from the bark of special trees name, Gampi tree. This material is soft to touch contains the fibers, enough strength to work as a filter. Its production origin is not limited to Gambia but also I can be formed by using, hemp, rice, wheat and bamboo. Its production procedure is the same as paper production, most of its properties overlap with paper. The beautiful Japanese print, now available in the form of tapes, as these are made up of natural fabrics so packaging engineers recommend them for food and hygienic solutions of routinely used household items. Many times it was used to separate and filter water from ice in ancient times, so a book can be written on its modern usage apart of decorating tea boxes. This sweet combination of words “Wa” means Japan and “shi” means paper.

Washi paper.jpg

Why I always prefer having washi wrapping?

Washi paper is the cloth-like material made paper, fibrous, texture and easily foldable material, available in wide range of texture and flower designs. When I decided to gift a weight loss tea to my childhood friend, a custom box was required to me and I use washi paper tape. This beautiful tape adds beautification in the gift, the idea was in my mind had to decorate the box in the livening room shelf. With very small equipment like, scissor, beautiful washi paper and gum you can easily decorate your gift. I would had the embellishments, so I missed them.

Tea Tins Covering ideas

Tea tin covering is as easy as cutting, most of the brand in the world use this type of papers to exhibit in the best way. Allure creative, art of packaging actually repurpose the meaning of gifts by decorating. I love origami, it totally depends on your interest but rolling tea boxes can be made through minimal investment. These are softened in nature, have the ability to absorb water in sponge manners that double the lifecycle of the box.

Washi Papers.jpg

In this image these three boxes I wrap under Washi, easiest on the list and top of decorative in looking. Follow the following steps for such charming output of your custom box.

1. Cut the texture design Washi paper in desired shape/ rectangular shape
2. Use gum or glue and roll on the bottle
3. you can print your own design on the paper before glue
4. Line up the twine and paper in a way to exactly position the paper
5. Match the edges of paper and bottle for alignment
6. Roll few times the bottle for exceptionally well press
7. Add your brand or product label

Other things you can do with washi

Washi Paper is not limited to the custom box or tea boxes, actually, plays an elementary role in preparing a bunch of imaginary designs. This was my first experience but till now I have almost 9 projects I have done and made happy my friends with the gift.