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May 19, 2011

Boy walks into a liguor store and comes out a man or nothing like that.

I am so disapointed in you Terminator!
You have the fucking  gall to knock up your Hairy Big Toe of House Keeper?! This is a deplorable act! All those years pumping iron and geting rich living the American dream and you knock up a stunt double for a cashier at Wallmart? Is this the American Dream? Seriously man! What is her redeeming quality other than speaking Maid Langaue? So maybe Maria is dryer than Chineese Smoked Meat, and she looks like she is a total Cunt, but fucking trade up man.

One thing to get drunk once and fuck that Hob Goblin, but to knock her up not have her assainated and thrown in a ditch and continue to fuck her! Disgusting! You know how many hot young girls just waiting to suck on  rich guys dick that are out there and you go Troll hunting?
What do I have to look foward to when I become rich? I mean I know you made some bad decisions in the past like most of your movies in the mid to late Ninties, but come on man to spend our hard earned Tax Dollars on a Ewoks Dick? HORRIBLE! 

Why could you just have spent it on whores and coke like a real politican? Instead you raise a secret freakish family with Esmerelda the Beast Queen is just to much Sir. You have made a poor decision my freind.
Just fucking stop it! Your Freind, Rock