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June 05, 2009


In an unprecedented strategic move not seen since the Camp David accords, I have teamed up with Funny or Die for a series of new, hilarious short films that are sure to end world hunger, cure disease, and ensure that the Octomom's new reality show is canceled within a four-episode window.

The first short, entitled THE RIDE, just completed principal photography. The shoot was hilarious, and the fact that we almost all died from exhaust fume inhalation only made the day more giggle-riffic. Plus I rocked enough afro to net a flock of low-flying birds (see my new profile pic for a taste of the foxy goodness).

We are in the process of editing the short now and it will be up soon. Thanks to all of you for coming to this genius site. Your mad genius is only made more geniuser whenever you come here.

And visit me at aishatyler.com and twitter.com/aishatyler for more snaps, news, videos and other  chocolatey goodness.