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December 02, 2009


Los Angeles has been known to set a great many trends, and today I caught a glimpse of the latest hip idea that may hit the rest of the country within the next few years: Fancy Gardening.

Traditional gardeners drive dirty old trucks, smell of grass clippings/BO, and address you as: "Hola Señor Pendejo." My Hispanic friends say the last part is only applicable to myself, but it doesn't really change the fact that if I saw my gardeners at the local Baja Fresh, I wouldn't share a booth with them. Well, all of that is changing with fancy gardening.

Hiring a fancy gardener ensures that when your lawn needs mowing, it will be done by someone driving a clean late model car wearing the latest in Tommy Bahama fashions. No more oily driveways or greasy t-shirts (Not available in Georgia).