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November 06, 2009


I have just wrote a page of rant about this site, praising it up and saying how well i think it has been put together....and then i lose everything because the page is slow at loading, which means the cursor moves a fraction too slow and the adverts cause the page to reload everytime they change.

Grrrr.....I was on a roll with my writing too.

I was basically saying that i wasnt too sure about this site when i first stumbled upon it, but now....i am getting used to it (EVEN THE BLOODY SLOW CURSOR). The videos i have already watched have been really good. I have watched some really funny videos, some of which have made me cry with laughter. I have to admit that it doesnt take a lot to make me laugh anyways....you could have some stranger dance in front of me, dressed only in potatoe skins and I would laugh my socks off (if i had any on of course).

I watched Zachary Quinto's videos which were on his page and was very impressed with the way he handled this new comedic character. When i first read the notes and saw that it was comedy, i wondered at whether he would pull it off, but I think it was really well done. Not just by Zach, but by Rachael too. The short film was very funny to watch and I loved how the whole thing panned out, making me laugh out loud at the end. And the outtakes were hillarious. :D

I have been looking at many videos on this site and I have to say that i am liking the fast loading times of the videos....and the players are easy to use.

I have just watched Lindsey Lohans attempt at a mock-take of herself. I felt kind of sorry for her, because i feel like she is trying so hard to be liked. I understand that she has just come out of a relationship, one which she probably had time adjusting to in the first place, but i really think that she needs to take her life into her hands and make things work for her. I know its easy for people on the outside to say, but what other options does she have?

I have always been a fan of Lindsey's and loved every film that she has made (well, almost every film) and its such a shame to see a young actress fall apart in the public eye.