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April 04, 2008



(links to these videos can be found in my favorites list)

1. FOD's Drag King in Mr. MojoRisin Paris Interview

-this video is by the very talented Kimberly McBride.  she has a lot of great videos and should have a lot more fans.  check her out!

2.Super Sam

- I first saw this video in a Comedy Central contest.  It won first place and for a reason- IT'S FUNNY.  HankandJed have a lot of funny videos worth checking out.

3. Bad Jesus Episode One

- watching Jesus spit profanity is always funny when done right and Felonland Films knows how to do it right.  Felonland Films rule.

4. MTV Real World Rejects

-WarpedCorp has a lot of videos that aren't "underground", but I like their videos so much I wanted to promote this one that doesn't have as many views as their other ones.

5. The New Steve-O

- making fun of this clown is always funny and it's animated so it gets bonus points.  I haven't had time to watch any of Peter Coffins other videos, but I am sure they are funny.

6.Long Distance Relationship Song

- this video is by Kimmy Gatewood, a very talented comedienne that just got one of her other videos featured today (4-4-08).  I am very surprised this girl isn't more popular on this site.  She's effin funny.