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November 25, 2008


This is a conversation that took place between myself and my friend Vlad in regards to Babbleshow's avatar.

Shawn: Hey check out this photo of this respectable, healthy woman.
Vlad: O yeah that's Kari Sweets.
Shawn: You know who she is? You can't even see her face.
Vlad: Yeah, thats Kari. I've seen all her pictures.
Shawn: ALL of her pictures?
Vlad: Yeah, she's HOT.
Shawn: Can you identify any porn star from behind?
Vlad: Kari is NOT a porn star. She is a non-nude model.
Shawn: Relax, I didn't mean to insult your girlfriend, but seriously you should stop looking at so much porn.
Vlad: I don't look at that much.
(To give you an idea of how much porn Vlad watches, everyone of our friends including myself has walked in on him butt naked strokin it to internet porn. Also he ran up the 1,000 dollar limit on his credit card with internet porn. A credit card his parents gave him for school books and food. If we have to see his ass one more time while he thinks of excuses for using the computer while naked with a bottle of lotion we are gonna have an intervention. And we will invite his family.)