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June 01, 2012

Jerome Komi - A 21st century love story

Full story with video:




I think the word they use to describe it is 'fate', or maybe even 'Destiny'. Two paths, brought into this world a million miles apart, who’s future has already been written in the stars, destined to some day cross. If he could have picked one man on this earth to help him fulfil his dreams, dreams he hadn't even had yet, he could not have found someone better. Even if he had sent a million more phishing emails. (Which he probably did!)


It all stared when I was looking for a car on Gumtree. I came across a car which was, and later turned out to be, too good to be true. There was no contact information on the listing so I emailed the seller requesting a viewing. There was never a reply. And there it started, the worm set by this 'phisherman' had been bitten. He had obtained my email address and the journey of self discovery, goats wearing shoes, rams dressed as Zebra’s and a real life human bat-man had started. Confused? Don’t worry it will all make perfect sense soon…..


It all started one lazy Sunday afternoon. I was randomly checking my emails at home when I see a email from a name i didn't recognize…a one Jerome Komi. I proceeded to open it and imagine my delight to be greeted by this wonderful man…








Subject: His Lordship, God Bless You!!!!


Good day Sir(s)/Madams/Organizations,

I count it as a great privilege and great honor to write you all.

Firstly, I sincerely thank God for what you have been doing in this generation, assisting men and women to actualize their dreams and visions in all ramifications. May God bless you richly and establish your goings.

Actually, I am by name JEROME KOME; a Togolese by status of nativity. I was born healthy, but I experience infant sickness from 1980, which led to my being paralyzed. I cant walk on my two legs any longer.

In the early 1991, I met a group of white men from Italy who was on a missionary duty in Togo and requested that they help me to have an operation in my leg, so that I can be able to walk on crouches. After the operation on my leg and treatment, I was discharged on February 1992.I must mention that I will forever be indebted to the Italian Priest Father whom God used to make me independent and to Pastor Benjamin Bill who later helped published my situation at his visit to West Africa but got no help.

Sir, Please I beg you In the name of God our creator, all I need is to be established, purchase a new shop, get some shoe making machine, and a home where I could live with some other less privilege hanging out with me at the road side.

I got your address on the web and decided to write this letter to ask for help. I need your help and support financially so that I can rent a shop and start on my own. This is my real life story and I swear on my knees that anything extra you need to verify all my saying, then dont hesitate to let me know. I really need you now and pray that God touches your heart in anyway to give arms to me in any little way you can.

Attached are some pictures of myself.



God Bless and Prosper you in all you do Amen.

Yours Humbly

Jerome Komi







From: Thomas AOL

Subject: re: His Lordship, God Bless You!!!!

God bless you my friend. Our lord be strong in saving your soul and helping u to mend shoes again. Please send me simply a photo of you holding a American flag and i will be more than happy to send u $1000 so that i can trust you please understand that i am a man of god but need this photo for my personal reasons.

Thanks god bless you




Subject: re: re: His Lordship, God Bless You!!!!

La deleguation de neuf (09) handicaps

Venu de VO

BP : 61926 Lome – Togo


Good day Sir,


I thank you for everything sir, actually, I needed some machines and their sales are amounting to (7, 931, 000 F). CFA but anything you can send me will be appreciative. Sir, the attachments should see you voluntarily raise any amount of fund your heart pleases you to raise for me.


But firstly sir, I sincerely want to express my sincere gratitude in thanks to God for making you give vent to my heart felt problems, for taking time to write back at me, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I pray that God almighty shall remember you in all your endeavors just as the bible describe givers.


Sir; I am Jerome Komi, an African and a Togolese by status of nativity I never change and never ashamed to ask because God says, ask and it shall be giving, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open unto you.


Please find the picture you wished for





The list of machines I have priced is too much and I don’t know where to get that kind of fund from, but I believe with God on my side, all things are possible for all things are possible to him that trusted and believeth in God.


You can send to the name 


Name: Jerome Komi, 

Location: Togolese.

Question: God is

Answer: Great


God Bless You Sir,


Yours faithfully;





WOW! He actually replied! I couldn’t believe it. The tables had turned it was my worm that had been bitten, and what a big bite! Not only did he get a flag, well not a American flag but a cheap Harley Davison bandana, credit for improvisation! But he had dressed in some sort of all American stars and stripped pyjama set! 10 out of 10 for effort. And an early example of a keenness to impress that continues beyond human comprehension throughout this story. And wow what a smile, such a beautiful smile for a criminal. I was in love with this fraudster! And my mind, well, my mind began to run wild…  






From: Thomas AOL

Subject: re: re: re: His Lordship, God Bless You!!!!


God bless you Komi, 

Thank you for those pictures of you. I know god has been strong in helping you mend so many shoes for so many people without you people would literally not have the ability to walk. In some ways you are a god. I was delighted to see you in your photo, to see the warmth and joy in your smile, it made me blush. It is already a miracle that you found me as I am in fact a very rich man who is committed to God and willing to help 




 Myself with two of my ‘girls’


I receive your picture to my request, but unfortunately this was not the American flag, but a cheap imitation that offended me. There fore I can not send the money at the moment.  

I understand your logistical circumstances may prevent you from obtaining a Amercian flag so I have a easier task for you to carry out.  

Please send me 3 photos, upon receipt I will send $1000 usd.  


  • Photo 1 - You doing a sit up (to show that you are infact still alive)
  • Photo 2 - You making 2 circles with your fingers and looking though them 
  • Photo 3 - Show me a animal wearing one of your shoes; example a horse, goat, dog. (to be reminded that god made every creature equal and that you are helping animals to walk again as well as humans)  


If I can see that my hard earned money is going to be put to a good use I will send the dough.  

Please also instruct me into how you would like the payment.Please one last request, do not reply in the unusual green font again, it hurts my eyes and causes flashback from when I was trapped in a swamp and orally man handled by a green swamp monster. I hope you can understand what that involved.


God bless, I look forward to hearing from you Komi x







Subject: Re: Your Lordship, The Pictures and Information Sir!! God Bless You!!!!




Mr. HOINSO Komi Jerome chef de                                                            Lome Le 5th July 2011

La deleguation de neuf (09) handicaps

Venu de VO

Cel : 902-90-12

BP : 61926 Lome – Togo


Good day Sir,


Greetings to you and the family. 

Sir I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for the returned mail. 


Secondly, I am so sorry if the flag wasn’t present at the first picture, it was so hard to acquire, is why I used the one I used. 


Nevertheless, I thank you for giving me series of chances and opportunities once more sir.


It was a very busy day trying to get all you requested done but thank God I did.


Attached are the pictures you requested Sir.


Me enjoying myself in a field.


a drawing i made




nice for him





I shall appreciate it Sir if the $1000usd is sent to this address via Western Union Money Transfer


Name: Sego Atsou Francois

Text Question: God is

Text Answer: Great

Country: Togo



God Bless You Sir, 

Yours faithfully; 

Jerome Komi!!








From: Thomas AOL

Subject: re: re: re: His Lordship, God Bless You!!!!


Hello Komi,


God bless you, how was your church service yesterday? What hymns did you sing? And what prays did you prey? What ever they were I’m sure god has heard them because I heard them and I have answered them. They were nice x


Sorry for the delay In returning your email after you worked so hard in fulfilling my request. But im sure you will be happy when you hear the good news on what I have been working on.




Me speaking at church about your animal lovings




I noticed on your pictures you like to draw. Our Spanish head pastor has been having leg problems and has requested you bless him with a name writing, his name is 'Iye Hav Aidz'.  If you could write his name in large writing on paper and send a picture with you holding this then we will be happy to send the monies.


Also I noticed your Western union payment details has the name Sego Atsou Francois. Is this the right name as you said your name was Jerome Komi in your orginal email? Please understand my curiosity as I have been stung in the past. Around 3 years ago an older woman from Nigeria emailed me claiming to be in love with me dispute never meeting me or seeing a photo off me proclaimed she wanted to marry me and spend the rest of her life with me. Being the god abiding trusting person I am I believed her and sent her £45,000 so that she could build a boat and sail to Croydon where I live, to be with me forever. Unfortunately it turned out she was not who she claimed to be. And after sending her another £25,000 to build toilet facilities on her boat I never heard from her again. Please understand my nervousness. I don’t by any chance wonder if you actually happen to know her? Her name was Margret Mary, but the name she gave on her western union payment details was Ogundade Akinbuyakasha. She was from Nigeria, please see a photo of her below…




I was udderly in love with her  



Thanks for your emails Komi I look forward to hearing from you and god bless you. x





Subject: re: re: re: re: Your Lordship, The Pictures and Information Sir!! God Bless You!!!!




Good day Sir,


Good morning your lordship,


How are you, the church of God and the family? My church service was good though, sang lots of praise and worships, and prayed that God should give us all long life and everything we have ever dreamt of including a wonder, thanks for asking sir.


I feel so happy and honored in receipt on your mail Sir on/about speaking to the Church about my situation and my needs, I felt so happy on their reaction and I pray for all that have humbly proceeded to help me including you that God will continue to bless and prosper you all in Jesus Name. May you eat the fruit of your labor, and may God grant you long life and prosperity amen.


In accordance to the shoe making machine Sir, the total sum for the machine is (7,931,000 CFA which in the United State Dollars, it will be amounting to ($14,500 USD).



Attached is a copy of me standing close to the machine Sir? This machine is capable of doing all the work other little machines are capable of doing.




Please Sir, if I could come up with a suggestion Sir. Basically, getting the machine is best for us but at the same time, if we could get the fund, we could purchase a land and possibly raise a little factory where I could fix other handicaps living with me and then I can purchase some little machine with the rest of the fund and after a year of hard work, we could sum total profit and gains to get the big machine you see me standing close to.


I pray that the bones of your head pastor in Spain be healed in Jesus Name.


Sir, I thank you so much for the opportunity and privilege of blessing his lordship (Pastor Iye Havaidz with a hand drawing). It’s so many honors on my side to be granted this opportunity and I hope and pray that he likes the little hand design I attached to him.








With regards to the name that was to be used in the Western union, it was a family’s friend name that could help cash in on anything sent, based on my situation and condition, he was assigned to help me sometimes when I find it hard on certainties but I pray that God will help me out, last night Sir, I applied to the Togo national office for a copy of a national card.


My country is Togo and my city is Lome.


If the fee is sent sir, all I need is just the information with which the money is sent and I could get it here.


Name: Hoinso Jerome Komi

Text Question: God is

Text Answer: Great

Country: Togo


Sender’s name:


God Bless You Sir.







So after this i left him alone for a bit. I didn't think i could go much further than getting him to hold up a sign that says "I Have Aids". But i under estimated this man, like i said he carried a determination beyond human comprehension...  






Subject Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!



Your lordship(s),


Greetings in the name of God.


Sir, please forgive me but i haven't heard from you lately.


Sir please I just need to purchase a machine for my shoe making work sir, Please, I know i have written so many times with view for a particular purpose and i am not happy disturbing you sir but please, have compassion on me and aid me out, I just need some little fund to get things done the right way God prepared for me please.


Hope all is well sir.


Please I cry to you and the organization to respond and aid me sir.


Please am on my knees..


God Bless You All Sir.


Jerome Komi 






Subject Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!



Good morning Sir, 


How are you today Sir and the weekend and the family, hope all is well.


I got the break down of all that i will need for everything and it has been sent to me.


Thanks as i wait anxiously to hear from you.


Have a stress free week ahead Sir.


God Bless You.


Jerome Komi







  In the end, i couldn't resist!



From:  Thomas AOL

Subject: re: re: Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!



Hello baby boy,


God bless you and your village.


At the moment the church finance committee are looking into your request for a factory for handicaps. 


I have spoken to the head of gods finance today and he confirmed we can find some small change from the millions we get donated each week. But we would need a sign of your true faith as this its a huge amount of money to some one we have never met.


Our church its over four hundred million years old and is one of the largest in the country with over 58,185 ½ members. We were founded by St Garfield the farmer. He was half American, half sloth and a quarter Jewish. He set up the church after 216 of his Zebra cattle drowned in a freak accident whilst filming ‘animal farm’. The ‘Zebra’ is now our official church mascot. It would do us a great honour if you could send us a photo of you sitting on a Zebra, praying.


This would be the final, non-sexual, photo request.


God bless you Komi may the lord be strong with you


All my love and strength




Subject; re: re: re RE: Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!


Good Day your Lordship, 


How are you doing today? 


I thank you sincerely Sir for your warmth thought and kind gestures in all effort you have put together in trying to make my dreams come true, I sincerely Say God bless you and may God prosper you in all you do in Jesus Name, Amen. 


 My apologies Sir, I understand that the church wants and needs me to portray this last sign of faith, but sir, the distance to where I could get a zebra is about 75km and according to my condition, it will be a very big problem to travel such distance sir, I wish I could walk up to that place where I can have it done at once and sir, I don’t think I have a zebra in my country.


To the contrary, I understand that its not easy to send fund to someone from another continent just like that without proper verifications based on the level of improper conducts through the web and I thank you for conducting proper verification of my identity but please sir, have mercy on my condition, this journey is too much for me, myself, I talked to the person looking after me but he never gave heed to my explanations saying he still has a busy day ahead, and perhaps, there is no much fund to transport me there and to retain the animals we will use.




 I swear on this Bible on my hand that I am saying the truth Sir, Please sir, I beg you and the entire church that anything else I can do within my possibilities would be done without haste and hesitation.



 I am real and not lying in all I have said from the beginning, please I am on my knees begging sir, have mercy on me.

 If the church wants me to carry out something else, then I will hastily carry it out without delay. if it pleasures you sir i did make you a wonderful calender instead...



I thank you for all correspondence with me so far,

God Bless You Sir.


Jerome Komi









From: Thomas AOL

Subject: re: re: re Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!




Hello Jerome,


The church is sad, disappointed and offended with your failure to produce a photo with our patron saint the ‘Zebra’. It was a great honour to be given the blessing from the church to mount and pray on a holy Zebra. Your faith is obviously not as strong as we thought. 


It is for that reason that we are saddened to announce the retraction of the offer for fund to build a handicap shoe making factory.


But in the church we believe in god’s good faith in second chances. So for that reason we have agreed you have another 48 hours for a second chance to send this photo or the money will go to a lovely Nigerian man i meet on Facebook called Sebastian who sends me nice photos ;) The calander is nice but is missing half the year so i cant really use it. But I must say you have wonderful IT skills for a shoemaker, you must watch a lot of redtube.com.

God be strong in helping you.








Now i know what your thinking. And yes I am going stright to hell. But you've got to understand when I set these tasks a part of me thinks these will be so ludicrous that no sane man on this Earth would carry them out. I was wrong.




Subject; re: re: re: re RE: Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!


Hello Again your Lordship,


Before proceedings, I sincerely would like to express my sincere apology to the entire church for my failure to produce a photo of what is requested, and thank you for giving/granting me a second chance to produce the photo.


Upon reciept of your mail sir, I had to hasten up to a nearby place where I could beg for the services of using one of their Zebra to produce the photo which was demanded by the church and I was granted the opportunity to make use of one of their animal. Thanks to God almighty.




Below is a copy of the Zebra you requested Sir.














Please I am sorry for making the church sad, its just a long distance from home but I thank God for the opportunity of moving to a nearby place and thank God that he answered my prayers as they granted me the opportunity to make use of their Zebra.


Thank you sir for everything as I look forward to hearing from the church positively.


Please sir, I would appreciate my personal information be used to send the fee.


God Bless You Sir and thank you once more.


Jerome Komi









OK - WOW,  first of all i nearly crashed my car when i first see this picture. I also released a small amount of urine from laughing so hard. But after the initial ecstasy my emotion turns to guilt, i do posses a heart you know! Now my mind starts to wonder from the task at hand. I knew from the start that this was obviously a scam, but like that moment when Neo finds out about the Matrix, now that I have witnessed a goat wearing a shoe and a Ram dressed to look like a Zebra, everything I thought i knew is out the window. Could he be the person he claims to be? So, i do some research, a simple google of this wonderful mans name confirms my initial suspicions. How could be be anything other than.... a Nigerian! The 419 scam they call it after the Nigerian penal code written for it. Time to really go to work.... 











From: Thomas AOL

Subject: re: re: re re: re Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!


Hello my wonderful Jerome,


To hear your voice is such a joyous occasion. It gives me great pleasures to hear the hope and warmth in you email whenever you talk to me. It moistens my underpants.


Thanks for the lovely email. Firstly I would like to start by asking where you got your gorgeous salmon pink tee. It really does wonders for you complexion and as you know is this seasons must have colour.


We have examined the photos you have sent and unfortunately this is not a Zebra, but in fact a Ram with what looks like a seat belt wrapped round it. Yes it does have black and white stripes like a Zebra, but the two horns on the Rams head give it away. The last time I checked Zebras did not have horns. Unless this is some sort of mutant half Zebra half Ram then of course forgive me. Although a half Zebra half Ram would not qualify as an acceptable substitute for the required picture of you praying on a 100% pure breed Zebra! We do however appreciate the initiative you used in trying to re create a Zebra with a Ram and a seat belt.


Extra credit is also given for the emotion and passion expressed on your face in the photo of you praying, you really should look into acting. It almost looks like you are making love to the Ram/Zebra. We also like the dedication you’ve displayed by removing both your legs for the purpose of this photo. The skill that is required to balance on a Ram, wrapped in a seat belt, with both legs removed, whilst balancing on a stick with one hand and praying with the other is nothing short of a miracle. This still doesn’t make up for the fact that you did not send the required picture of a 100% pure breed Zebra.


I await your reply…





Subject; re: re: re: re RE: Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!




Your lordship Sir,


My humble greetings to you Sir in Name of God?


I count it as a great privilege sir and great honor to have written you so many times and I feel happy doing it again and again!!!!


I don’t know what happens next and since I haven’t heard from the church, I feel tensed with my arms held up high, waiting and checking my mails uncontrollably to receive a mail.


Your lordship, my apologies for bugging you with my mails, not being able to walk on my both legs makes it all worst of all problems a man will ever experience. Sir I plea to you to sometimes, stop whatever your doing and thank God for his grace upon your for those of you who’s body is complete will not know what God is doing for you.


Sir you are like a father to me and my humble family respects you a lot sir, that’s why I had to tell you how I feel over certainties,.


Thank you so much sir for all correspondence lately, and I thank God for the opportunity to share my problems with you few months back, I must confess that I feel peaceful sharing path of my problems to you even we have never met before.


Lastly, my lovely mum, and wife sends their greetings and prayers and until next time we hear from you, keep living in atmosphere of miracles sir. May God bless and prosper you in all ramification, may you live to eat the fruit of your labor in Jesus Name. Amen


Waiting for your humble mail sir.


God Bless You Sir


Yours Faithfully;


Jerome Komi








From: Thomas AOL

Subject: re: re: re re: re Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!


Good morning romeo, ;)


I am proud to hear you now see me as a father figure, I look at you like I son I never had. You are one of my ‘boys’, I will call you Jacko’s boy. After one of Michael Jacksons violated boys. Please do not feel tense and hold your hands up high, already having no legs this will distort the amount of blood in your small body and can cause faintness and rectum bleeding.


I cant put into words how pleased I am to hear that your lovely mum and wife sends their greetings and prays. It makes me so excited below.


If you could provide the church with a photo of you with the two wonderful women in your life then the church can see this as the final act of love and will seriously consider sending the funds for the handicap factory. Please send 3 photos each different showing the love you all have for each other. I hope this is a easy task for you so that you can received the monies to make a better life for you and your family.


Take care my son I look forward to hearing from you x


All my love  Take care my cretin,





Subject; re: re: re: re RE: Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!


Good morning your Lordship, 


How are you, the family and things in all ramifications? I really hope everything is going well.


Sir before proceedings, I apologize for the delay, I have been running up and down to make sure I invite my mum over to get the photos, to the contrary, my mum live far from me, so I had to invite her for this. 


Sir I must confess that i have had a very busy work syndrome, trying to actualize all that is requested by the church is not an easy task but no matter how things go, I believe God will make a way where there is no way and i must confess that the Lord has been my source of strenght since I started all the task giving to me by the church and I know that he will see me through all this, knowing that someday I will smile, and give thanks to God the entire church and wish to pay the church visit someday, to pray and worship with them.


Right now sir, I have the pictures and I plead with the church to help me, for all I have done has been beyond my capacity but I thank God for the strength to move on.



my mum, wife sends their regards to you.



the lovely womans






hanging out






beautiful moments









Your son, 


Jerome Komi








From: Thomas AOL

Subject: re: re: re re: re Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!


Thank you for the photos of your wonderful family. I used them last night x. You wife looks like a cross between Rihanna and bee's nest.


I want to tell you a story, a story so deep, so dangerous that it will make you wet your pants… 


Many centuries ago there goes a story that a young boy fell down a water well and landed in a bat cave, as he lay there suddenly a swarm of bats flew furiously at him. He was so scared he cum in his pants. He lay in the tunnel for 40 days and 40 nights. Each day he became harder and harder but eventually he warmed to the bats and made sweet love to them all. He gained there trust by talking to them and at night by performing the ‘bat sleeping position’. After this the bats accepted him and brought him food and nursed him back to health so that eventually he could walk out of the tunnel all by himself. God bless jesus of nazareth.


If you can send me a photo of you hanging upside down from a tree branch wearing a batman mask with your arms folded like a sleeping bat then we will send the funds.


If you can also send me 3 more photos of you and your wife in ‘love’ ;)




I look forward to hearing from you







Subject; re: re: re: re RE: Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!


Good day sir, 


I have gone a long way and thought of the church not willing to help me gives me a heart break, I am suffering dad, I plead to you sir to help me, see me as your son please, I know you are out there and I am here but I know something could be done sir, anything would be appreciate. 


All through the weekend, I had less meals, the person that got me the animal I used for the pictures the church asked me to use came and made a whole lots of trouble with me, saying he demands I offsets the bills of the animal I used because out here, we that dont have access to certainties have them retain them.


But I pleaded with him that I will offset everything this week, should God almighty, creator of heaven and earth touches the heart of the church to hear my cry and give help in any way they could.


I have gone a long way to all this sir, please I am on my knees, pleading with the church to have mercy on me, I know there has been ups and donw in all that the church has demanded of me but according to my state at the moment, some of them are totally a hard task to acquire but thanks to God for the strenght and the privilege to work on everything demanded to be my the church, but at this moment, all hope os not lost yet, I will try to keep my hands up high as i have always do and make sur that someday, the church will hear my voice and cry.





Thank you so much for everything sir. Here are the photos you requested, please please send the funds




















I look forward to hearing from you positively sir.


God Bless You.


Jerome Komi








From: Thomas AOL

Subject: re: re: re re: re Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!


Jerome Jerome Jerome.


I think you have been smoking some crack. You have misunderstood my request.


I asked for a picture of you hanging upside down from a tree branch, wearing a batman mask, with your arms folded like a sleeping bat. And a photo of you and your wife ‘in love’.


What you have sent is a hybrid of the two…. You ‘In love’ with a tree branch…. WTF thats just crazy.


You have 24 hours to complete the task or you fail….






Subject; re: re: re: re RE: Waiting To Hear From You Sir!!!!








Sir, I believe a person starts to live when he can live outside himself. For everything I have done sir, I have done my best and left the rest for God to take control of because I know for sure sometimes, one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.


I have lend money just for this, I have travelled long distance just for this, I have fasted just for this, I have prayed all night uncontrollably just for this, I have done it all for this, and among all I have done, I have had so many mistakes but amidst this mistakes, I believe anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new, and everything the church has asked me to do, I thank them and thank God for the strenght because I know they are all part of learning. 


I have had so many plea with the church to please hear my cry and assist me for once, but each time I feel I'm closer, I am being introduced with some other task.


well, what do I say? What do I do? among everything, I have tried to be strong because I know weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character as the eternal mistery of this world is its comprehensibility.


Sir, I have done the unimaginable just for this, I have suffered a lot for this. The first time I was asked to present a photo with a flag, I travelled long distance to acquire it but since I didn't get the flag, I purchased a cloth instead, the second time I was asked to make a shot with an animal wearing my product, I got one rented and had a snap with it, thank God it went successful, the third time I was asked to sit on an animal with paint and have a shot while reading the bible and praying, it was too hard but with the help of God, I tried accomplishing part of it, now to snap with my wife and mother, I had to travel from the city to the village for the third time where my wife and mum lives to have a snap thinking its all but everyday, the church keeps on demanding I send more photos.


This is too much for me sir, you are like a father to me and I feel to express my heart felt thought.


I am seriously down financially, most of the task giving to me by the church were done by lend, I have lend so much money on this and its beginning to have effect with people i owe looking for me everywhere to offset their debts. At the moment, my last hope is with the church but today, I am being giving a more difficult task, setting my entire life, thought, world, being in chaos, 


Things is hard with me sir, for this reason, I sent my wife to the village to live with my mum while I leave at the city because it was so hard to feed. what a world, last time you asked me to have a picture with her, I had to travel to the village where it was taken with my mother and this time would be no exception but sir, I am afraid, am too broke at the moment.


I just wish all this will come to an end someday, because everything that has been happening to me seems to me like a daydreaming that I pray to be up from someday. 


I am sorry for sounding like this sir, just couldnt stop sheding tears upon reciept of demand of another picture.



I tried making a picture and pray the church accepts it, I looked for someone to help do the bidding, but he was demanding for money which I cant afford, I am down at the moment is all I could say for now, the soveiour in charge of the property met with me on yesterday and demanded I let him know if I couldnt retain the land, but I pleaded with him to please give time till this weekend again.





At the moment sir, everything is in your hands and in God's hand.