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December 11, 2008


I am planning traveling alone. I am not just really sure if I would be enjoying. I wanted to be alone, for I wanted to have time, have fun and have self-reflection.

These things would seem to be boring, but I really wanted to have solitude. I was doing all my life being dictated on what's good for me, what is best for me. But I never had time and it never happened that I calculated my own happiness for that thing before making it happened.

I was supposed to put up hotels like hotel Barcelona, but they said that would be waste of time and having a boutique is the best one. I didn't have time to prove myself. My ideal hotel 4 estrellas Barcelona seems to be just a dream forever.

How could I make decisions within myself? All my achievements could be proud of by anyone else, but not for myself. It is not my effort, not my skills and not my work of art.  

Hope this travel would give me directions that could lead to my own happiness and not emptiness.

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