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August 25, 2008


So FOD and I work in a little slice of heaven we like to call Hollywood!  Other people like to call it Hollyweird, or Tinsletown, or stupid shit like that, but Hollywood works just fine for us.

We have a little Zen sanctuary here, with a fountain, animals that sing, and a nice strong black gate to protect us from the faceless man and tranny Superheros.  It also helps make us feel like we're just a LITTLE bit better than everybody else.  And who doesn't like feeling that way?!

But seriously, the reality of Hollywood is pretty grim.  Think 28 Days later meets the worst shit you've ever taken.   If you aren't already here, DON'T COME.  If you are here, remember to clean your produce with a high-pressure hose, and for goodness sakes, cash your checks at a BANK.  Check cashing places here generally leave you missing either a limb, your virginity, or both. 

Wheat grass shots and irritating small dogs are encouraged.  Real tits are not.

Below is a picture of me when I first moved to Hollywood.  Head full of dreams, closet full of ironic, unfunny T-shirts.  Look at me now.  I look like Amy Winehouse, and I nurse undead crack baby dolls.  That's what working at the Grove will do to you.  That magical fountain dances, but also employs mind control. 



You like LA.  You like it.  You really really like it.  Look at that pretty palm tree. 


So I guess I didn't really talk about anything today.  FOD told me that's ok.  It just means I'm blogging!

- love bessie love