A lot of parents are having to deal with co-parenting these days. This is what you will do with your kids other parents if you don't live with them and aren't in a relationship with them. Co-parenting can be quite simple and harmonious or a complete nightmare. Mostly, it falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. One of the best things you can do as a co-parent is learn a few things that will help you work through everything so that your kids can get through the process without a lot of harm.

Be sure to keep your children's lives as organized and planned as you can. Your kids will benefit if you are both able to concur when it comes to the times of day that the children will eat and sleep.

The regulations should not be contradictory. There will be turmoil if the children are not given guidelines that are somewhat similar between the two homes. One parent may be a lot more lenient than the other and the children may wonder why there is such a big difference. Try to discuss these issues in a reasonable way with the other parent so you can work out the details. It is critical that you keep the living arrangements trouble free for the kids, but by no mean do the homes need to be identical.

When co-parenting is new on the scene; realize that the entire family is affected in a negative way. Depending on their age, and how sensitive they are, it can cause all kinds of reactions, ranging from depression to resentment. Be as understanding as possible, and also recognize that it's normal for the child to miss the other parent when he or she isn't around.

Your child will not intentionally try to hurt your feelings, so if they want a bit more visiting with the other parent, you should encourage them. There are people who specialize in speaking to children that need more direct attention. At this time, co-parenting situations are universal; even with this it is still rough on the kids.

When a child goes back forth between each parent's house, he or she will want to bring along certain belongings. If you or the ex-spouse give your children something, it is the child's now, and not yours. So they should be able to decide what to take with them from one location to another. Some parents become petty and possessive and feel that when they bought a particular item for the child it should remain in their home. There's no reason to get into any type of conflict over items that really belong to the kids and not the parents. Your goal is to make your kids happy, so let them bring whatever item they want to since it is theirs. If your goal is to make your child happy, then you need to take these tips and strategies about co-parenting, plus learn a few more along the way. Deciding on the best plan, especially in the beginning, is really a difficult thing to do. There is usually a lot of hostility between both parents, especially at the beginning of the separation. You need to try your best to get along with the other parent. It's all about the kids. Remember?